Friday, 6 September 2013

Things I obsess over: Hanboks!


Yes, I'm alive. I'm just a blogging ghost unfortunately >_<But today I actually felt in the mood to ramble about something, so why not do it on here because, sister's kind of sick of listening to me ramble. Which I tend to do when I obsess over something. 
What is this current obsession you ask? Hanboks! 

Hanbok is the term given to traditional korean clothing, and refers mainly to the clothes worn in the Joseon dynasty- which I'm told was between the 14th and 19th century (little history lesson from my wikipedia search lol). They're not worn in Korea anymore except for on traditional occasions and celebrations. 

I'm a korean drama addict, I love them. I say love but it's more like GAAAAAHH I LOVE THEM! Like, come between me and watching an episode at my designated episode watching time and there will be war, kinda love.

Anyway, some k-dramas are period dramas set in the Joseon dynasty. I used to just dismiss these for the modern dramas until my sister suggested we give them a go. And let me tell you, they are badass. The kings/the queens/the revenge storylines/the ninja style fighting scenes/the outfits. 

More importantly the DRESSES. It was while watching these that I fell in love with the hanboks the women wear. They have these big poofy skirts and these lovely cropped jackets over the top that are sometimes heavily embroidered. And not just the dresses, the beautiful hairpins and the gorgeous hairstyles, the awesome hats/veils. I especially loved the awesome wigs the gisaengs (female enertainers) or queens would wear. 

And from a fashion designers point of view, I'm always obsessing over the beautiful tailoring, and aaah the colour combinations too, I just think they're gorgeous. There's nothing tight and fitted about them at all, it was all about the beauty of the adornments the women wore not their figures. 

Definitely been feeling inspired by them for a design I'm currently working on.

Well enough of me talking, here's some pictures below so you can see what I mean!What are your opinions? I'd love to hear them :P



(The hair!)


(The hats!)

(From Jang Ok Jeong, the drama I'm currently watching)

(Oh the hair pins and that embroidery)

(Some current modern designs of hanboks for weddings)


  1. Omg I love Korean dramas too! I used to watch them a lot more, but haven't had as much time recently. :( I am currently waiting on Lee Min Ho's latest though, cause I'm cool like that :P hehehe

    I love hanboks too! You're right, they're totally modest and gorgeous. I also really like the modern one on the graceful and pretty. :)
    Can't wait to see your new design, iA. :)

    1. Hi555! I know what you mean, I used to be a complete addict, but I barely had time with uni, and now with the sewing. But im trying to make time for them again! :)

      you won't believe how dumb I am- I read "watching" instead of waiting, freaked out that the drama was out already and I just wasn't aware, and went off frantically googling the release date. *face palm* hi5 fellow Lee Min Ho fan hehe

      I love that one too, the modern interpretations are beautiful. I adore the flowy material they used for the skirts too, definitely graceful :) lets hope i can get mine to look that pretty Insha'Allah!