Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Animal prints and velvet...

Laaaaalalalala what a wonderful daaaay!

Oh wait, we’re in London. Gloomy is the word.
So last night we decided to play around with the camera and take some pics, since we realised we barely ever do :O There are quite a few designs that have NEVER made it onto our facebook page because we’re ridiculously lazy about taking photos *guilty* We’re just not really picture taking people to be honest- probably because we don’t have much skill for it! Trust me, our photography needs mega practice :/
But we’ve made a pact to actually update our fb page and blog with pics more often :D So here you goooooo; the Maha skirt ( from the previous post) paired up with our new top design, Aafreen.
The front of the top is animal print, and the back is black velvet. We felt like experimenting with 2 contrasting materials here :P
Hope you likey,

Asma, Fatima & Alia

Top: Afa Bee
Skirt: Afa Bee
Scarf: New Look
Earrings: New Look
Rings: (assorted) H&M, Primark, Dubai.


  1. Wow, what a cool outfit! Love the idea of pairing two different materials together for a unique look :)

    1. Thank you! I'll be honest, we totally ran out of fabric so combining them was the only way to go! XD but it turned out fine in the end hehe :D