Friday, 19 July 2013

Sketch with me?

So I'm really bad at this blogging thing.

I forget I have one, and then when I remember I have no idea what to post :/

So I thought I'd show you guys how I sketch, coz, well, why not :D

This isn't one of my best, I kind of rushed it in a few minutes so I'm not proud. It's of a past design I've already made so nothing new to show, just wanted to show you guys my technique :) Oh and i'm no way neeear professional, I haven't studied fashion so everything I know, including the sketching, is self taught- so if you're serious about learning fashion illustration don't take tips from me! It's just how I do it. Youtube some tutorial vids, just practise plenty and eventually you'll find a drawing style that suits you. :)

Step 1: lightly sketch the shape of a body. I start with the head then move downwards. As you can see in the picture, I just make the body parts using shapes

2: Start to lightly fill in the shape of your outfit design in pencil again

3: Draw in your design using a pen- I usually use black fineliners because it's easiest

4: Rub out your pencil linings! Can't have that showing :P

5:  Lightly colour in the base colours- by base colour, I mean you colour the whole thing evenly without adding shadows etc. I use watercolour pencils for this because it's all I have at the moment. But there's special felt tip style marker pens that are best for this, or any pencil colours will do!

6: Add the shading in areas where it's necessary

7: finish it off and neaten things up, and you're done!

If it wasn't obvious to you already, I um...suck at teaching anything *nervous grin*

I'm really hoping the pictures suffice :D

Off to cook for iftar now, chow darlings