Thursday, 11 July 2013

Bright Summer Bee

Day 2 of Ramadhaaaan! :D

And I've been trying to keep myself uber busy to distract me from the rumbling tummy, soo far so gooood! I don't know about you guys, but I think I'm always pleasantly surprised to find my levels of concentration and willpower are always heightened when fasting, I end up getting waaaay more done then usual Alhamdullilah. We're fasting until after 9pm here, but I'm happy to say I did not feel like a zombie until 7 yesterday, so hoping I can hold on today aswell :P

I'm not one for outfit of the day posts- mainly because I have to dress up for these pics! No joke, usually I wear whatever is clean in my cupboard, and comfortable, and I cannot be bothered to accessorize and stuff more than once a week because I'm just a lazay ass. I really admire girls who can put the effort in everyday because I don't know whereeee they get the energy.

Really, you guys are too cool, send some of that swag my way? XD If I did OOTD pics on a daily, you'd think I was a hobo. For reals. I much prefer styling other people, just cannot be bothered when it comes to myself- again, I cannot express how lazy I am!

But today was one of those "hey, why not" days (maybe it was the hunger talking), and I made this maxi dress so felt like styling it to show y'all.

I'm being bright so I can match the weather hehe ^_^

Hope you likey, 

Peace out

Asma xxxx

Scarf: Market stall in Whitechapel
Dress: Afa Bee
Abaya: Afa Bee
Belt: DIY with gold rope


  1. Love ur dress and ur black abaya Mashallah... just wanted to know if you sell that kind of abaya ... and if u do pls let me know ... Mashallah u look amazing xxx

    1. Awww thank you sis! ^_^ I will be selling them soon Insha'allah (hopefully in a few weeks), I'll be keeping the facebook page updated on when that is so just check it from time to time xxx

  2. Afaaaa beeee! Love zee bag ;-)