Thursday, 3 January 2013

The. Very. First. Post. :O

So this blooog has hung in cyber space like an abandoned puppy for the past few months. However, upon re-establishing our responsibilities, we have taken it in once again and intend to actually post stuff! Well um...ATTEMPT to post stuff? :)Since this blogging thannng is entirely new to us, we don't know where to start. Hence, it seems only logical to start with whatever has been popping in our recent lives.

So um....

Asma: what, you got nothing?

Alia: Don't look at me! what happens in your life?
*Both look at Fatima*
Fatima: Huh? What? ME?

....Okay...soooo...maybe our lives aren't that interesting! 

Nothing much goes down to be honest haha, but no worries, we plan to just exaggerate the little events to entertain ya ;D

So as you may know (and if you didn't, ya do now!) Afa Bee is the name of our clothing label, and we have been majorly slacking designers lately- Uni & work must come first :(


But we're waiting for the day when we can just focus on our baby, this summer insha'allah, and we're designing and sewing pieces until then that will be part of our official collection. Oooooh me likey the word official, makes it sound cooler than it is heehee ^.^

So here's some pictures of two of our latest designs: The Maha skirt, and The Safia top :D

Peace out,
Afa Bee

Skirt: Afa Bee
Top: Afa Bee
Scarf: New Look
Jacket: Miss Selfridge
Jewellery: Primark 


  1. omg i dont like skirts...but this!! I LOVE, awesome!!!

    thats my blog hope u visit n follow
    love love!!!

    1. Haha thanks Najat!!! *blushes* :D
      Will definitely follow! xxx

  2. Such lovely designs! I wish you all the best in your designing and blogging endeavours, inshAllah :)