Thursday, 17 October 2013

To you with the broken heart

To you with the broken heart and tired eyes pretending to be okay.

 Dance out there in the rain
To the rhythm of everything
That is and was,
Listening to the songs
In the raindrops.

They're playing the world 
My darling.

Do you hear your story in there?

That delicate fragile thing
Whispering your heart out
As it falls
Falls to the ground?

We are human my love
Only human.

You can't stop gravity
So let it fall.

Catch the fragments
Of your tale 
In your outstretched palms,
Then let them go.

Some things are not made
For holding on to.

Some tears
Are meant to be.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Things I obsess over: Hanboks!


Yes, I'm alive. I'm just a blogging ghost unfortunately >_<But today I actually felt in the mood to ramble about something, so why not do it on here because, sister's kind of sick of listening to me ramble. Which I tend to do when I obsess over something. 
What is this current obsession you ask? Hanboks! 

Hanbok is the term given to traditional korean clothing, and refers mainly to the clothes worn in the Joseon dynasty- which I'm told was between the 14th and 19th century (little history lesson from my wikipedia search lol). They're not worn in Korea anymore except for on traditional occasions and celebrations. 

I'm a korean drama addict, I love them. I say love but it's more like GAAAAAHH I LOVE THEM! Like, come between me and watching an episode at my designated episode watching time and there will be war, kinda love.

Anyway, some k-dramas are period dramas set in the Joseon dynasty. I used to just dismiss these for the modern dramas until my sister suggested we give them a go. And let me tell you, they are badass. The kings/the queens/the revenge storylines/the ninja style fighting scenes/the outfits. 

More importantly the DRESSES. It was while watching these that I fell in love with the hanboks the women wear. They have these big poofy skirts and these lovely cropped jackets over the top that are sometimes heavily embroidered. And not just the dresses, the beautiful hairpins and the gorgeous hairstyles, the awesome hats/veils. I especially loved the awesome wigs the gisaengs (female enertainers) or queens would wear. 

And from a fashion designers point of view, I'm always obsessing over the beautiful tailoring, and aaah the colour combinations too, I just think they're gorgeous. There's nothing tight and fitted about them at all, it was all about the beauty of the adornments the women wore not their figures. 

Definitely been feeling inspired by them for a design I'm currently working on.

Well enough of me talking, here's some pictures below so you can see what I mean!What are your opinions? I'd love to hear them :P



(The hair!)


(The hats!)

(From Jang Ok Jeong, the drama I'm currently watching)

(Oh the hair pins and that embroidery)

(Some current modern designs of hanboks for weddings)

Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Top and skirt: Afa Bee
Belt & jewellery: Primark 

I have new found motivation, and a head buzzing full of ideas. Haven't felt like this in weeks. Alhamdullilah.

I Came across this quote today that helped snap me out of my lazy stupor:

"You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?" -Rumi

Nuff said. 

Friday, 19 July 2013

Sketch with me?

So I'm really bad at this blogging thing.

I forget I have one, and then when I remember I have no idea what to post :/

So I thought I'd show you guys how I sketch, coz, well, why not :D

This isn't one of my best, I kind of rushed it in a few minutes so I'm not proud. It's of a past design I've already made so nothing new to show, just wanted to show you guys my technique :) Oh and i'm no way neeear professional, I haven't studied fashion so everything I know, including the sketching, is self taught- so if you're serious about learning fashion illustration don't take tips from me! It's just how I do it. Youtube some tutorial vids, just practise plenty and eventually you'll find a drawing style that suits you. :)

Step 1: lightly sketch the shape of a body. I start with the head then move downwards. As you can see in the picture, I just make the body parts using shapes

2: Start to lightly fill in the shape of your outfit design in pencil again

3: Draw in your design using a pen- I usually use black fineliners because it's easiest

4: Rub out your pencil linings! Can't have that showing :P

5:  Lightly colour in the base colours- by base colour, I mean you colour the whole thing evenly without adding shadows etc. I use watercolour pencils for this because it's all I have at the moment. But there's special felt tip style marker pens that are best for this, or any pencil colours will do!

6: Add the shading in areas where it's necessary

7: finish it off and neaten things up, and you're done!

If it wasn't obvious to you already, I um...suck at teaching anything *nervous grin*

I'm really hoping the pictures suffice :D

Off to cook for iftar now, chow darlings


Sunday, 14 July 2013

Fabric and breakdowns

My room is a mess of fabric samples and sketches. That picture you see up there is like the clean section of my floor right now. You can see the wood underneath, for one 0_0
Don't get me wrong, usually this is my idea of bliss. Alone in my room, headphones plugged in and world plugged out, playing with material, working on designs and sketching them on paper; is my version of the perfect afternoon in.


But when you try and turn your hobby into a career, things get crazay. Allow me to explain better:

Me + Pressure = BREAKDOWN 

And breakdowns go a little like this in my head:

"OMG what if nobody likes this one.."
"What if they don't like this colour?!"
"Am I thinking too much?"
"This design SUCKS!"
"Oh gosh, why am I working so slowly?"

Etc. -__-

Because suddenly things are expected of me, and I can't handle the possibility of letting people down. It's one of the things I hate most, just the thought of someone being disappointed in me fills me with dread- trust me, I was the kid who broke down in tears if the teacher so much as looked at her angrily.

So while I'm meant to be in my happy zone right now, it's more like I'm in "constantly criticising myself" zone.

I just hope I can get things perfect soon so I can breathe again!

Peace and love,

Asma xxx

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Bright Summer Bee

Day 2 of Ramadhaaaan! :D

And I've been trying to keep myself uber busy to distract me from the rumbling tummy, soo far so gooood! I don't know about you guys, but I think I'm always pleasantly surprised to find my levels of concentration and willpower are always heightened when fasting, I end up getting waaaay more done then usual Alhamdullilah. We're fasting until after 9pm here, but I'm happy to say I did not feel like a zombie until 7 yesterday, so hoping I can hold on today aswell :P

I'm not one for outfit of the day posts- mainly because I have to dress up for these pics! No joke, usually I wear whatever is clean in my cupboard, and comfortable, and I cannot be bothered to accessorize and stuff more than once a week because I'm just a lazay ass. I really admire girls who can put the effort in everyday because I don't know whereeee they get the energy.

Really, you guys are too cool, send some of that swag my way? XD If I did OOTD pics on a daily, you'd think I was a hobo. For reals. I much prefer styling other people, just cannot be bothered when it comes to myself- again, I cannot express how lazy I am!

But today was one of those "hey, why not" days (maybe it was the hunger talking), and I made this maxi dress so felt like styling it to show y'all.

I'm being bright so I can match the weather hehe ^_^

Hope you likey, 

Peace out

Asma xxxx

Scarf: Market stall in Whitechapel
Dress: Afa Bee
Abaya: Afa Bee
Belt: DIY with gold rope

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Cold, trains and coffee breaks

Days out with my sisters are always the best pick me ups. No matter what life throws your way there's nothing more reassuring than knowing you have people to share the good and the bad with you. Including this freezing cold weather -___-

Afa Bee xx